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Spot Welded, Projection Welded, & Snap-In T-Nut Fasteners
Hammer Style Capped Ratchet Plates Plug Buttons 3/16
Straight Prong T-Nut Fasteners 5/16 & 3/8 Flexible Conduit Connectors Plug Buttons 13/32 to 1-18
Capped T-Nut Fasteners Commercial Industrial Finish Codes Plug Buttons 1-1/4 to 3


Johnson & Hoffman Fasteners


J&H Fasteners

Over 90 Years of Service

These products trace their origins to 1912, when Fred S. Carr founded the Carr Fastener Company in Cambridge, Mass. A carriage maker by trade, he developed a concept for making fasteners that attached canvas to his carriages. Know as "Dot" fasteners, these early components were widely used for both horse drawn and horseless carriages.

In 1929, the Carr Fastener Company merged with a competitor to become United-Carr and shortly thereafter the success of United-Carr was assured when the company developed a tee nut for Fisher Body. This simple component enabled sheet metal to be effectively fastened to the newly fabricated metal frames that were beginning to replace wood throughout the automotive industry.

Today, Johnson & Hoffman carries on the tradition of creative engineering solutions that has always been the hallmark of the company.


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